An Award, Certificate or Diploma in Retail Skills can help you develop your career in the retail industry. There are lots of options to choose from - whether you want to find your first job as a shop assistant or show you've got the skills for a specialist role. At Level 3 you can also develop and demonstrate the management skills you need as a section or store manager.

An Award, Certificate or Diploma in Retail Skills is for anyone interested in working in retail. You might be totally new to retail, or a more experienced worker, supervisor or manager.

Retail Apprenticeship qualifications at Level 2 and 3 are made up of the following:

» NVQ Certificate or NVQ Diploma in Retail
» Certificate in Retail
» Essential Skills (Wales only)
» Functional Skills ( England only)

Assessors from Vocations build strong relationships with our learners and their colleagues, and with their knowledge and professional approach they help the learners achieve their qualifications, many ahead of target dates.
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