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Vocations offers a wide range of career opportunities, training and qualifications to all age groups.
Whether it be an individual or large organisation Vocations will meet your training needs.

An NVQ Certificate or NVQ Diploma in Travel Services is for people working in the travel and tourism industry - perhaps as a travel agent or in a tourist information centre. You might have just started your first job, or have a lot of
on-the-job experience, but either way, you're keen to learn new skills and build your career.
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An Award, Certificate or Diploma in Retail Skills can help you develop your career in the retail industry. There are lots of options to choose from - whether you want to find your first job as a shop assistant or show you've got the skills for a specialist role. At Level 3 you can also develop and demonstrate the management skills you need as a section or store manager. View Details»

From learning to carry out basic administrative tasks to gaining higher level support skills, the NVQ Awards, Certificates and Diploma qualifications in Business and Administration can be tailored to meet your or your employer's specific needs. View Details»

The NVQ Certificate or Diploma in Customer Service qualifications include levels for those at any stage of career development - from those who are
just starting out to those responsible for an organisation's overall customer-service.
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Whether you're working in direct sales or remote customer support, an NVQ for Contact Centre Professionals can help you advance in a contact centre career. You will have the opportunity to demonstrate your skills in a wide range of areas including customer care, communications and IT. The NVQs for Contact Centre Professionals are for anyone working in a contact centre. There are options to suit any level of experience, from new entrants through to team leaders and managers. View Details»

This qualification introduces candidates to the important subject of travel insurance. Many people within the travel and tourism industry, such as travel agents, tour operators and homeworkers, are required to sell insurance in addition to travel arrangements. View Details»

Essential skills replaced the Key Skills qualifications in 2010. Essential Skills are qualifications avaialable in Wales only that enable learners to gain the skills they will need to get on in life, no matter what job role they work in. Without the ability to read, write, communicate and use Information Technology, it is proven much harder to achieve ambitions. . View Details»

‘Functional’ skills qualifications replace the Key Skills qualifications in 2011. Functional Skills qualifications in England only enable learners to gain the practical skills in English, mathematics and information and communication technology (ICT) they will need to get on in life. View Details»

Awards and Certificates in Assessment and Quality Assurance. Also known as TAQA (previously called D32, D33, D34 and A1 and V1).

The assessment and quality assurance qualifications will be part of an integrated suite of TAQA qualifications for training, assessment and quality assurance practitioners. View Details»

Participants on this WorldHost programme will gain invaluable skills and techniques that are the fundamentals of service professionalism and will be encouraged to take pride in what they do and where they live.

Vocations run regular one day Principles of Customer Service courses. As well as this Vocations can deliver to businesses at their premises for their staff at a reduced rate. Ring or email for prices and availability.
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